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Favorite Quotes

Just a few quotes from my favorite authors that will serve all handicappers well!

"Frequently, much of what appears in the result chart does not make the past performances. Even more frequently, much of what happens in the running of a race fails to make the result chart. This is precisely what trip handicappers count on - why they exist and why they prosper."....... William L. Quirin, PhD.

"There is no factor in horse racing which can conceal and distort the true ability of horses so much as track bias.".......Andrew Beyer

"The home video recorder is the most valuable handicapping tool ever invented.".......Steven Davidowitz

"You learn that you can't win every bet. You expect to lose more than half of them.".......Tom Ainslie

"The truth is that with rare exceptions, the only inside information worth knowing is whatever can be gleaned through personal research and attention to detail."  .......Dave Litfin

"To know something unreported to the racing public and unknown by other top notch handicappers as well is to enjoy a wonderful advantage which professionals never stop trying to achieve."..............Tom Ainslie

"Luck is the residue of design; the harder you work, the better the luck.".....Gary Player 

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